Beijing - Delay at the airport so the main issue that Travelers traveling on a plane. From the international airports are scattered in the world, where the most frequently delayed flight experience? 

FlightStats US-based company noted that most airports are experiencing delays. Reporting from, Friday (07/12/2013) The airport is the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China. 

Month of June 2013, only 18.3% passengers departing on time from Beijing. Still in China, Shanghai Pudong International Airport ranks second most frequent airport delays. Only 28.72% of passengers at the Shanghai airport to fly on time. 

There are 35 international airports that are included in the list FlightStats. Of these, Haneda Airport in Tokyo is the most rarely suffer from delays. A total of 95.04% of passengers to fly on time. 

In these data, expressed plane delay are late more than 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. There are several assumptions why the two international airports in China has become the most widely experienced delay. 

Dense air traffic is one of them. Every day, there are 10,000 flights to and from China. But apparently, only 20% of the air traffic in China is used by commercial airlines. Of the remaining 80% is used for military purposes. 

But try to compare with the U.S. that has more than 60,000 flights each day. International airports in the U.S. is still relatively on time despite dense air traffic.