Dubai - What happens if there is a pilot with a traveling photography hobby? The result is a powerful landscape images of the cockpit. Lovely!

Photographing the view from the window of the plane, that's normal. But what about the sights seen during the pilot was in the cockpit of a plane?

Pilot and photographer from Dubai, Karim Nafatni, the photos capture the most powerful of the cockpit. Karim seems like photography is used to perpetuate the profession as a pilot.

Karim took the pictures at an altitude of 11,000 feet, with a 180 degree panoramic view from the cockpit of the plane. Reporting from Australia News, Friday (07/12/2013), Karim started loving photography of the cockpit since 2007.

Now he is the captain of a commercial aircraft based in Dubai. During the shooting, he was using 'exposure bracketing' in order to create captivating pictures. 'Exposure Bracketing' means taking multiple photos with different exposure, then combining them into a single image.

Aside from the cockpit, Karim also like to shoot from the top of buildings. The photos of his work is incredible!