In Indonesia, there is the eternal flame that comes out of the ground. In Jamaica, there is a fire that burns on the water. He cried, visitors can also soak in the water.

Not far from the city of Saint Ann's Bay in Middlesex, Jamaica, there is a unique super pool named Windsor Mineral Spring. It is a natural hot water pool that has a strange phenomenon. From Jamaica Travel and Culture, Friday (07/12/2013), there is a fire that burns just above the surface of the pool water.

Not because of the supernatural, this phenomenon occurs because of the high levels of sulfur gases coming out of the bottom of the pond is natural. I was so high, the fire can be lit in there.

Like most hot tubs containing sulfur, the water here is believed to cure many diseases. Historically, this pool has been used as a treatment media for centuries ago by people around.

For tourists who are curious to get there, are usually greeted by the community in Windsor Mineral Spring. Get there, visitors will be offered to run in the hot tub. There is also a fire to try massage travelers.

Lastly, and this is the most exciting, the tour guide will cook in the water that put out the fire. Curious to here? Do not forget to try to walk past the flaming ya!