In the Strait of Bali, there was an empty island that has no less beauty like on the island. Island wasp has a very beautiful natural charm with which his trademark turquoise water with mountain background roar.

Banyuwangi regency is one of regencies in East Java that are excellent in the field of natural attractions. There are many natural attractions in the eastern districts on the island of Java. Ranging from mountains, beaches, savannah, to the forest. One of the great natural attractions and still deserted island visitors are wasps.

The island is located in the Strait of Bali that still enter the Banyuwangi. There is no entrance fee for the island is uninhabited and there is nothing to manage. The easiest access that can be taken to get to this island is to depart from Kampe Beach, Banyuwangi.

Journey takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive at this beautiful island by boat fishermen. You only spend about 300,000 to lease 1 fishing boat with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.

30-minute journey that will not mean anything because the island is beautiful hypnotic eyes of the beholder. Color turquoise sea water with mountain background roar and wasps Island.

Moreover, added the quiet atmosphere is suitable as a place to relax with family or friends. It takes approximately 1 hour to surround this beautiful island. In every corner of the island we will see different scenery and beautiful.

Things you can do here other than the streets surrounding the island are swimming in crystal clear water. But we also have to remain cautious with the pounding of the waves. Because at certain angles waves were quite big. Do not forget to capture the beautiful moments in a beautiful little island.