Komodo island become a magnet for foreign tourists, like Gwyneth Paltrow. The Hollywood actress was vacationing there with her two children. This is their activities in Komodo Island that could be your next vacation idea.

Gwyneth Paltrow traveling with her two children last May. Apparently, the wife of singer Chris Martin was well aware how busy spending vacation on the island of Komodo. He also explored many cool places there.

Gwyneth Paltrow tells the journey to the island of Komodo in his personal website, goop.com. He also posted photos of Komodo Island during the trip.

"Komodo dragons eat everything, except the skull prey," writes Gwyneth, Friday (07/12/2013).

That's the first comment Gwyneth arrival at Loh Buaya, Komodo Island National Park, Rinca Island. Did not take long, Gwyneth was doing trekking with his two children, Apple and Moses. Just the way, they've seen two dragons tail.

"They do not look so bad," said Gwyneth when she saw the two dragons tail.

Apart from the dragons, Gwyneth also post the beautiful scenery around the island of Rinca. Their journey accompanied by a ranger. Yes, you must be accompanied by anyone ranger while trekking in Komodo National Park. Ranger knows field trips and have special long sticks to drive away dragons attacking at any time if travelers.

After that, Gwyneth afternoon with her two children to spend time with sunbathing at Pink Beach. In dipostingnya photo, looks Moses was playing sand beach. In front of them there is clear blue waters.

After that, during the afternoon fishing activities Gwyneth peek around Loh Buaya. He also saw every fish catches. Not only that, they also had a family swim in the waters around Komodo and see the beauty of the coral reefs near.

"I never imagined that we would run our hands through the ocean at night, see the dragons in the wild, swim with the big turtle," writes Gwyneth menganggumi beauty of Komodo Island on the website.

In one night, Gwyneth and family were Indonesian-style barbecue with fish dishes on the island of Banta. They served a variety of seafood with herbs native archipelago. In fact, Gwyneth had recorded the ingredients to make the sauce colo-colo

"I was amazed by the chef who cooked food, such as barbecue, fish, sambal, to salads, Gwyneth said.

During the trip, Gwyneth and her children lived on the ship The Silolona. They slept on the boat that has luxury amenities and convenient services. They were good friends with the crew.

Trekking on Komodo Island national park, sunbathing at Pink Beach, to the barbeque party at the seashore, is Gwyneth activities during on Komodo Island and ideas could be your next vacation. Good luck!

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