Who does not know Gwyneth Paltrow? This beautiful woman is one of the movie 'Iron Man' is famous. Regardless of the predicate as a Hollywood actress, Gwyneth bluntly expressed his admiration for the island of Komodo.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays Pepper Potts, the boyfriend as well as a co-worker Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. in 3 movie 'Iron man'. Gwyneth recently on vacation in Indonesia, Komodo Island to be exact. Her portrait was feeling excited, so explore some interesting destinations there.

"In May last, my dream come true to travel to Indonesia the first time," Gwyneth wrote on her website, goop.com, Friday (07/12/2013).

Gwyneth take a trip to one of the Indonesian islands who became a world traveler appeal, Komodo Island. There he was on vacation with her two children, Apple and Moses to see one side of the beauty of Indonesia.

"Our amazing ship named The Silolona are designed with the traditional model of Indonesia," said Gwyneth.

The Silolona is one of the regular boat carrying foreign tourists to vacation in Indonesia. The model is also taking pinisi style. So tourists who settled for the night on this ship, certainly unnerved. Not to mention, his crew famously hospitable.

"In Indonesia, what can be molded into a toy," chirps when Gwyneth saw the crew made a toy boat from pomelo peel.

Arriving on the island of Komodo, Gwyneth admiration increasingly upset. He was really amazed by everything that is on the island of Komodo. Again, kudos also came out of his mouth.

"I never imagined that we would run our hands through the ocean at night, see the dragons in the wild, swim with the big turtle," writes Gwyneth menganggumi beauty of Komodo Island on the website.

Additionally, Gwyneth and her two children also had trekking in Rinca to see the Komodo dragon up close. Afterwards, they turn to Pink beach for sunbathing.

"We spent the day at Pink Beach, which looks beautiful colors of coral reefs that surround the island," said Gwyneth admiration.

There is an exciting activity that Gwyneth performed at night, which is a barbecue on the island of Banta. Interestingly, at that time they taste a variety of culinary and indigenous Indonesian sambal.

"I was amazed by the chefs who cook Indonesian food, such as barbecue, fish, sambal, to salads," said Gwyneth.

Gwyneth was then asked for the recipes of spiced fish, sweet tempeh and sambal colo-colo ago wrote back on his personal website. Although not described in detail how long his trip to Komodo Island, Gwyneth seems completely satisfied with their vacation.

"Thank you for the best holiday ever," Gwyneth writes in his photo caption that was posing with the crew of The Silolona and her two children.