Miami - For some people, rats are disgusting animals. But it was not a flight attendant for American Airlines. On a flight to Miami, he alleged hid mice in stockings and underwear.

Louann Giambattista (55) is the American Airlines flight attendant who reported his friend to court for allegedly hiding Brooklyn rats. He alleged did because he wanted to avoid a law that prohibits carrying animals.

The incident began on February 26, 2012 when the witnesses, including the pilot, saw a bulge in the pocket of the flight attendant. It alleged is a pet.

During the flight from St Martin to Miami, another flight attendant also viewed Giambattista take food by stealth into the glass. Food is thought to rat.

Problems begin to arise when one friend complained she arrived in Florida. Then the immigration and customs also asked him, and searched for an hour bawannya goods.

Giambattista was admitted as an animal lover. But he denied having fed rats on the plane.
The food he brought in the glass, is to yourself, because he did not want to seem're eating in front of the passengers.

"Everyone has a pet, and he had a pet at home, not at work," said Giambattista lawyer, Stephen Morelli on, Tuesday (07/09/2013).

Giambattista it also has a dog and a hamster.

"He's got a lot of different pets. He had mice, but is dead," said attorney Morelli.

Although it turns out that mice are never found, Giambattista remain blacklisted for a year and marked his passport. Each kai him through immigration, officers frisked.