Jatiluwih terraced paddy field in Bali is one destination that is suitable for off fatigue. This could be an alternative tour of green rice fields than in Ubud.

Impressive place when I was in Bali is Jatiluwih. A tourist attraction fit for the traveler who wants to let go of tired of the daily grind. Because, there really beautiful scenery typical Balinese village, able to eliminate stress in our brains.

Jatiluwih is a village which has a vast rice field terraces shaped. Vast green rice fields makes me call it The Emerald of the Equator island. Jatiluwih located in Penebel, Tabanan, Bali. The total area of ​​approximately 600 hectares.

Its location is approximately 800 meters above sea level in the highlands of Mount Batukaru make the air in there was cool and fresh. Jatiluwih known as the producer of rice brown rice.

Jatiluwih distance of about 60 km from Denpasar. Transport for getting there is not difficult, because you can reach any mode of transportation, such as cars, motorcycles, or the traveler can enjoy the view of the other ways that cycling or car hire VW. Exciting is not it? Along the way there I passed the typical winding mountain roads, clear rocky streams, and traditional Balinese village culture is still strong.

Arriving in Jatiluwih, I was greeted with a broad panorama of rice fields stretching green bath rug. Travelers can also go down to the embankment and traveled to the area to enjoy the rice fields closer harmony of natural beauty and culture that was created by the people of Bali in Jatiluwih.

Visitors can see how fertile rice plants, especially when the grain begins to turn yellow and that has been harvested. Rice that has been picked or harvested by the farmers usually tied and arranged neatly on agricultural land. This adds to the beauty Jatiluwih.

Besides tourists can also see an irrigation system or water well-organized, well-known worldwide or called Subak. Remember, there is free visitor know, aka gratis. One more unique is, tourists will find a small pretend that stand in the rice fields as a sign of respect for local people to Dewi Sri, the goddess of prosperity and fertility. Interesting is not it?

According to local people, terraces in Jatiluwih a symbol of stairs connecting the farmers with the Creator. This is a reflection of the balance of population relationships there with nature, each other and God. A Hindu spiritual view of the Tri Hita Karana.

Mornings are a great time to get there, because the air will feel more refreshed. While during the day, the view will be slightly obscured by fog. Such plateau in general.

Jatiluwih managed to combine culture with nature in harmony. Well, because it's uniqueness, UNESCO put the region in a World Heritage nomination to Jatiluwih. So there we are going to see a nomination of UNESCO monument that stands firmly. Not imaginary, many tourists both from domestic and foreign tourists who come there.

My advice, if the traveler a vacation to Bali, do not miss Jatiluwih. Bring a camera to capture the moment of your togetherness with Jatiluwih The Equator of Emerald Island of the Gods. Happy traveling, guys!