Bali - Kuta Beach Want to enjoy the different atmosphere? Just come to the beach in the morning. The atmosphere was quiet and very refreshing morning air. There is peace in the morning to welcome Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach in Bali is a prima donna. The beach is never empty of tourists, especially at dusk. However, I feel a different atmosphere when visiting Kuta Beach in the morning.

Around 08.00 pm, I walked out to the Kuta Beach hotel. Fresh air is the first thing I felt when setting foot in the soft sand beach. In contrast to the bustling afternoon by tourists, the next morning I was able to enjoy Kuta beach comfortably. It is fun!

Not many tourists or young children who usually photographs abuzz at Kuta Beach. Also the warm morning sun of delight when I walked around the beach. Seen also, some people are preparing a long bench for relaxing and umbrella, as well as skate boards are arranged neatly.

"If you want to rent the bench, it costs Rp 50 thousand per hour. Seluncurnya If the board Rp 150 thousand a day, we are open from 5 am to 7 pm," said Steve as he prepares benches, to us, Thursday (6/9 / 2012).

I was relaxing in her seat as she lay down. Ahh, so delicious. Shore winds, the waves are not too tight, and a handful of foreign tourists coming and going in front of me. Some of them have a morning jog or swim on the beach.

Some offerings, Balinese offerings, seen on its shores. Yes, this is Bali which still adhere to customs and traditions in the midst of the waves of modernization.

It felt like sleeping all day from early morning until dusk at the beach! The heat of the morning sun bodes here is over. Around 10:00 pm, I had to hurry up and move on.

Thank Kuta Beach in the morning. I find peace and a different atmosphere here.