Kuta - Bali has not otherwise been to Kuta Beach. The beach is a mandatory destination for guests on holiday to Bali. Fill the long Eid holidays in Bali, you are obliged to come to Kuta Beach!

In this area, tourists will find the island is always crowded and filled with a variety of activities. The beach is located in the south of Denpasar, is indeed always been the target of tourist arrivals.

Not just because the name is already famous Kuta Beach also has added value as a place to see the sunset. Each day, the beach is always crowded visited by foreign and domestic tourists.

Like when we visited this beach some time ago, almost every corner of Kuta filled with travelers. Kuta sand is white to "carpet" for travelers giant lie down and enjoy the atmosphere of Kuta.

Many possible activities that can be done at this beach. Seen a few foreign tourists do surfing, sunbathing, or just chatting.

Well, at noon foreign tourists vying to blacken the body in the courtyard of Kuta Beach. If you want, you can walk along the beach and watched the surfers in action.

However, if do not want to linger on Kuta Beach before sunset arrives, you can spend time in the area around Kuta. Lots of shops selling clothes and souvenirs here. Ranging from well-known stores such as Rip Curl and Surfer Girl, Kuta along the way there are also shops with a more friendly price.

In addition to refreshing eye with knick-knacks from Bali, you can also visit Bali Blast Monument. Here travelers can find out the row names of the Bali bombing victims 1 and 2.

The late afternoon, Kuta Beach was even more crowded by travelers. Louder roar of the waves, the more attractive the surfers desire to re-compete the teaser waves at this beach.

Those who came in the afternoon, usually want to hunt sunset. Understandably, Kuta Beach is known as one of the best spots to see the sunset. The darker, more travelers meet this beach. Until finally the moment they were waiting for had arrived.

Along with the return of the sun, the atmosphere changed Kuta with thumping music and the lights that illuminate the bars and cafes along the way. At nightfall a lot of tourists who spend the night in this area.