There are many ways to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Sentani. One of them, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake from one of the peaks Cyloops. American General MacArthur, was amazed of this place.

I immediately refreshing cool weather and entourage Dream Destination Papua shortly after leaving the hustle Sentani City. We plan to spend our short visit to Lake Sentani. This time, we will enjoy the view from the hill where the former headquarters of the war General MacArthur in World War II or known as Bukit MacArthur.

For several tens of minutes drive from the city of Sentani to one of the hilltop Mountains Cycloops feels comfortable. The streets are leafy and green scenery was refreshing eye.

MacArthur hill is included in the Parent Regiment Military Command (Rindam) Trikora XVII. Typical view of housing soldiers directly exposed after we pass a checkpoint. Army barracks look beautiful side by side with small houses here.

Views of Lake Sentani and turquoise waters directly exposed to when we arrived at the Tugu MacArthur. Solid monument to the shape of pentagon and yellow black domination is decorated with a sword and spear. Celebrity memorabilia will be the general who led the allied forces.