Traveling to Papua will provide the experience hard to forget. The natural beauty and diverse cultures abound there. If you would like to Papua, first read the following 5 tips that trip more memorable.

Many have dreamed of visiting the eastern tip of Indonesia. Papua indeed kept the charm and mystery of interest to dikulik. But the natural contours varied transportation system is quite difficult, and the threat of disease makes the traveler must prepare before visiting one of the largest islands in Indonesia.

Here are 5 tips that you can consider before embarking on a trip to Earth Bird of Paradise:

1. Identify the areas that you will go

Gigantic size makes Papua's natural contours can be very different from one region to another. If you go to Wamena who are plateaus and valleys, the preparation is different when you come to Raja Ampat is dominated by oceans.

Recognizing the area you will visit will help in preparing personal needs and other support matters. Internet can be a medium of information options.

2. Arrange travel plans as possible

Try to visit the adjacent area first. This is to save on transportation costs. In addition, you'll want to make booking in advance plane can help to reduce the cost of transportation. Some places in Papua can be traversed by land vehicles, while some other areas can only be reached by aircraft pioneer.

3. Hanging out with the locals

Not only to get a lot of friends, but hanging out with the local people will add to your knowledge about the destination. Some important information such as accommodation, typical tourist attractions and unique, or pioneering airfares, as well as the departure time can be obtained from the local people.

4. Prepare tailored to the personal needs of a long journey

Papua is still overshadowed malaria. You would need to protect yourself by using prophylactic Malaria medication. Consult with your doctor about the types of drugs that fit.

If you have other special needs, you should bring a sufficient number. In some major cities in Papua, you can find a supermarket or department store, but in the remote districts it would be very difficult.

Recognize the signs of illness and when you need to visit the doctor, do not wait until the health condition deteriorated. You do not want to spend your holiday time in the hospital instead?

5. Open yourself to the thrill of a new experience and tradition

Undeniably, the Papuan people have traditions and customs are very different from most areas in Indonesia. For some people it can provide a 'culture shock'. With an open mind and allow yourself to get a new experience, you can learn a lot from indigenous communities in eastern Indonesia.