Lake Sentani in Jayapura is the largest lake in Papua. This lake has a lot of small islands that adorn its beauty. With a simple wooden boat, you will fall in love when through Lake Sentani.

From the Lake Sentani Jayapura airport takes about 1.5 hours. Upon arriving at one of the boat docks and boats, seen some children who are busy swimming in the Lake Sentani.

We, the team of Dream Destination Papua, hire a boat to circumnavigate the lake. We were riding the boat used to transport people living on islands in Lake Sentani.

Many houses are standing on the edge of the lake. There are also some people who are looking for fish in the middle of the lake. Views of the hills around Lake Sentani is indeed very beautiful, green grass covered mountains like a green carpet that is very charming.

It was not until 30 minutes, our boat pulled up to one of the islands for a brief rest. Then, we all entered one of the villages on an island and see the activities of residents on the island. After that, we returned to proceedings in a trip around Lake Sentani. The lake is as unrelenting show off his charm. Lake Sentani, you are indeed very charming.