Jakarta - Fasting Month has arrived, it does not mean to stop traveling. So that the roads are not interrupted even during fasting, follow these 5 tips.

We collect, Tuesday (09/07/2013) 5 tips for traveling is still fun even during fasting:

1. Adequate rest

Enough rest at least one day before the start of travel. It is useful to gather energy in order to the streets more vibrant tomorrow.

2. Drink plenty of water and vitamins at dawn

When planning to traveling while fasting, do not forget to consume plenty of water when dawn. This is useful to avoid dehydration. Also, do not forget to take vitamins in order to keep awake stamina.

3. Do not choose too many destinations

Although fasting is not to stop traveling, this does not mean exactly the same activities performed when not fasting. You still have to limit. One is by reducing the number of destinations visited.

If when not fasting, you went to 4th place, when fasting limit only up 2 places. The goal is that not a lot of energy spent and fasting is maintained.

4. Polar indoor destination

Outdoor Destinations will generally make you a lot of sweat and fatigue easily. For that, during fasting, you should choose your destination and have indoor air conditioning. Museum could be an option.

5. Avoid going during the day

When during the day, with the heat of the sun rays. Imagine how tired and thirsty if you are traveling during the day. For it, avoid it and select out only when the afternoon or evening.