Bangli - Bangli is the only district in Bali that is not adjacent to the sea. Although located in the center of the island, Bangli has many treats for tourists ranging from nature to culture. This 5 obligatory destination.

Bali is known by a row of beach and beautiful underwater panorama. But who would have thought, the natural and cultural riches in the center of the island is also not inferior to coast. We gather, Tuesday (07/09/2013), the following 5 places that must be visited in Bangli regency:

1. Kedisan Resort & Resto Watercraft

Coming to Kedisan Resort & Resto Buoyancy does not mean you have to stay. This is the best place to see the sunrise shining on Lake Batur and surroundings.

Situated right on the edge of Lake Batur, sunrise you'll hypnotic beauty of this place. While soaking up the morning sun, tourists can taste like breakfast banana pancakes and fried rice Floating Resto.

2. Kedisan dock 

This is the main pier for fishermen and tourists on Lake Batur. Before renting boats (boats) to get around the lake, you can enjoy Mount Batur in the distance.

Mount Batur caldera into the Global Geopark Network (GGN) UNESCO. Panorama of Pier Kedisan truly spectacular!

3. Panglipuran village

You must have watched television movie in one of the private television station, is not it? This is one of his favorite shooting spot. Panglipuran is a tourist village without a motor vehicle. Very organized and superbly clean.

Despite being a tourist village, not cost you a dime to get in this village. Available parking for both motorcycles and cars vehicles. Village landscape is decreased, the same type houses lined on either side. Gorgeous!

4. grave Trunyan

Many traveler says, this is the most eerie graveyard in Indonesia. Imagine, no bodies were buried in the cemetery Trunyan. Skulls scattered in many places!

The tradition of burial in the village of Trunyan different traditions 'cremation' common in Bali. Located on the east side of Lake Batur, is centered on a grave that is Taru incense tree is said to deodorize.

5. Ulun Danu temple Batur

One of the unique places in Bangli regency is Ulun Danu Batur. This is the second largest temple after Besakih in Bali, and had a temple in it!

Although kelentengnya located in the complex, Pura Ulun Danu Batur is always crowded with tourists during Chinese New Year. Being on top of the hill, panoramic view of the temple is also very fitting enshrined in the camera.