Brick, cement, or concrete, fair use as building materials. But, what if the mosque made of mud? Djenne Mosque in West Africa, remained standing since 1907 although made from mud.

Many mosques have architecture and pretty and charming. Even not a few travelers who accidentally travel to a region or country, just to feel the shade directly careful while worshiping in the mosque is unique.

Djenne town located in Mali, West Africa, save a miracle in the form of a mosque. Djenne Mosque has a unique structure made of mud.

As we quoted in the book "101 Historic Hideaways", Thursday (07/26/2012), the famous Djenne Old Town as the center of the spread of Islam, the famous Djenne Mosque formed from mud brick. Djenne mosque is also known as the largest mud building in the world.

Strange but true, any person would certainly not be surprised if this mosque made of mud. However, sludge used for this mosque is not haphazard. Previously, mud bricks known as FĂ©rey dried first use the sun's heat.

To beautify the appearance, Djenne Mosque also plastered walls using mud. Hence, when seen from the outside of the building has a fine display with a curve-curve orderly.

This mosque also customize forms with it lies in hot climates. With mud walls which have a thickness of about 40 cm-60 cm apart to hold the weight of the mosque, also serves to protect the inside of the mosque from the sun.

So, when the walls of a mosque during the day will feel warm and at night to cool slowly. Wooden structure that supports the existence of this mosque also gives the impression of cool the inside of the mosque. Djenne Mosque is the pride of the community can accommodate about 3,000 worshipers.

However, the location is close to the mosque Djenna Bani River makes it prone to flooding when the river floods during the rainy season. When spring arrives, thousands of residents of Djenne mosque prepares to re plastering with mud that is mixed with chaff.

Created with a unique design, the mosque area of ​​5,625 square meters was also known to the whole world. Many Muslims and tourists from around the world who are curious and took the time to stop in Djenne Mosque.

Each year, the mosque which was included in the UNESCO world historical site became a favorite destination in West Africa. Not just traveling or worship, some tourists also take advantage of coming to deepen their knowledge of Islam.