A penchant for culinary tourism traveler. When you travel to eastern Indonesia, do not forget to taste the sauce colo-colo famous. Spicy taste will not be forgotten. Maknyus!

Sambal is one of people's favorite Indonesian menu. Sometimes, many of the less delicious if not added menu food condiment in every dish.

When the lunch break with the team destiantion Papua Dream, I had the opportunity mencobal sambal colo-colo famous. On the table, has served sauteed kale flowers papaya, fish sauce cook yellow, sweet and sour shrimp. Yum!

Colo-colo sauce it feels fun, spicy, and sour merge into one in the mouth. For me that is a big fan of spicy flavor, spicy flavor that exist in colo-colo sauce was lacking a little 'kick'.

Perhaps, because of mixed sour taste that comes from the lime, it seems to be less spicy. Cover slightly acid taste spicy flavor of chili posed in it. However, once when chewing fresh sasanya composition that exist in the sauce colo-colo.

Chunks of peppers, onions, tomatoes and a little piece mixed into one. Sambal this one simply mixed with lime juice, and do not need to spend extra energy to make it.

Usually this sauce as a companion foods such as fried fish, fried shrimp, and some other seafood food preparations. In addition to seafood, can also be eaten with fried tofu and tempeh favorites.

According to Meli, one of the team's Dream Destination guides Papua, colo-colo sauce is original from derah Ambon and Manado. Want from wherever sauce is derived colo-colo, I still love Indonesian sambal!