Darwin - Australian Nature still has a wild charm that lured thousands of adventurers. In the state of Northern Teritory, there are natural wonders such as the giant castles created by termites. Amazing!

Yes, arguably Australia's natural unspoiled majority. Yet so many intriguing touch of civilization natural life in the outback kangaroo continent. Mostly for the preservation of the human touch in the form of the many national parks.

One of the many charms of nature were still awake in Australia is the palace of termites (termites mound) giant in Northern Teritory. Palace of wood-eating insects, many of which are found in Litchfield National Park.

We came to the park with a group Media Familiarization AirAsia on Tuesday (09/07/2013) yesterday. Hundreds of termite palace immediately 'greeted' by the side of the road through the jungle forest Litchfield. Its like blue and brown sized stones scattered in the forest savanna seized the attention of every person who just passed for the first time.

The biggest termite palace were encountered about three feet tall with a diameter of about 1.5 meters. Towering shape and contours quite loud. Glance when seen and held there is not much difference with a large boulder.

But before hand the visitors would like to examine further the level of violence of the termite palace, the local government hastily reminded via billboards that read 'touch gently the mound termites.' Do not touch it too hard, so as not damaged.

In some corners of the termite palace, there are holes that are used by termites to enter and exit from inside their headquarters. Although their house is quite large, termites and forth not so many in number.

"It could be higher if there is no intervention from humans who come to touch," said Ann Qory, our tour guide.

Lithcfield National Park at the corner of another, there is a view that is not less menanjubkan. Estimated to number in the hundreds of thousands, termites palaces spread 1-2 feet tall in a meadow. If viewed from a distance, looks like a tombstone on the grave vast expanse.

The basic ingredients of the palace is the hardened soil. Termites collect soil grains become increasingly rising mound and from time to time.

"But the truth is that in this land only to protect the food reserves. Residence termites that actually exist in the underground. Beneath this mound," said Qory.

Not all places in the world have a vehicle palaces termites in the meadow like the one in North Australia. In addition to Australia, Indonesia recorded only eastern Africa region and South America that have similar sites.

In northern Australia, particularly in Litchfield Park, palaces termites are only a handful of the many charms of nature has to offer. The national park is situated 100 Km southeast Darwin's natural charms such as waterfalls Wangi, formation of giant boulders 'The Lost City' and also trekking route for the adventurous traveler in savanna forest land area of ​​1,500 square kilometers.

Although located 100 Km, from Darwin to Litchfield National Park is only reached in less than 90 minutes. Traffic in the area is quite spare, much different from the inter-city roads in Indonesia.

In addition, asphalt roads there are also quite good. If you rent a four-wheel vehicle, you can rest comfortably on the go or enjoy the meadow and forest on both sides of the road. Interested to visit Darwin?