Santa Clara - The roller coaster ride is one of the testers of adrenaline. Tourists often heard screams as the train sped up and down. But it was so loud scream, a roller coaster in Santa Clara, California, the U.S. was forced to shut down temporarily.

Visitors at the playground Great America, Santa Clara, California, USA, was not able to feel the thrill of riding a roller coaster since closed temporarily. Not because of damage, closure of this vehicle as visitors, which rose scream too loud, so be visited by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (09/07/2013).

Roller coaster called The Gold Striker is a month old. Opened on the 1st of June, then was shut down on July 1. Housing developers around the play park which makes this ride was closed temporarily.

The problem is, people scream ride this ride too fast and could disturb nearby residents. Indeed, this playground is located near the residential population.

After conferring with the various stakeholders, it finally re-opened before the U.S. Independence Day which falls on July 4. Maybe now that visitors are warned not to go up to shout too loudly.

But how could he not shouted. The Gold Striker has a height of 33 meters and became the highest in northern California. Its speed reaches 86 km / h. Challenges offered by this roller coaster, it's no wonder a lot of visitors who are curious to try and was hooked.