Lombok - Not a few, people are difficult to get a parking lot when traveling in Jakarta. But make no mistake, you could also difficult to get a parking space for boat while in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. How so?

It's not complete, if you do not visit Gili Trawangan now travel to Lombok. However, get ready boat you are riding hard to pull over at the seashore when travel to there.

We had the opportunity to visit Gili Trawangan which is in the province of North Lombok, last week. The journey from Port Kecinan get there takes about 50 minutes by boat with a capacity of 20 people.

Heat of the sun to make some group participants wear sunblock. When about to arrive in Gili Trawangan, all cheered. But apparently, there are some obstacles.

"The waves were high, the weather is not good enough anymore," said the driver of the boat, Herman, Tuesday (07/02/2013) then.

True said Herman. We also felt as if bobbing in the ocean. Waves were quite high, capable of making the boat we were riding was skewed to the right and to the left. Thus, the boat too hard to park on the shore!

"Try to please, his ship the balance is maintained," said a local guide who join the group, Surya Pratama.

We were sitting in balance on the left and right the ship. Six people on the right and seven on the left. Warning about keeping a balance board ship were clearly displayed. This is so that the boat we were riding overturned not fall into the sea.

"Usually when at 12:00 to 14:00 pm, the waves were quite high. Indeed unpredictable," said Herman.

As a result, the boat that we were not able to pull over on the beach. Apparently not only us, there are also some other tourist boats that meet the same fate.

"If pulled over, the boat can hit the seaside or crushed rock as the waves carried away," said Herman.

After about 20 minutes, we were riding the boat finally managed to pull over in front of the Port of Gili Trawangan. Large signpost reads' Welcome to Gili Trawangan "welcomed our arrival.

We also spend time lingering in Gili Trawangan. Apparently hard to get parking experience not only in Jakarta alone. Get ready difficulty parking in Gili Trawangan at high tide. But, enjoy it ya!