Santa Ana - Pretending to be a tourist, is the mode of the people who want to be an illegal immigrant in the U.S.. Even those willing to bribe immigration officials to get their residence permits, including bribing with food such as spring rolls.

An immigration officer in California, the U.S. arrested for accepting bribes 200 spring rolls of fake tourists actually want to get to stay in the U.S.. The officers named Mai Nhu Nguyen, Vietnamese ancestry residents who worked at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in Santa Ana, California, USA.

From, Thursday (04/07/2013), Nguyen stumble bribery issues. He was arrested for accepting bribes 200 spring rolls from one of the applicant's residence permit. Women aged 47 year-this has been arrested dated June 6th, 2013 ago and freed with bail USD 20,000.

Nguyen has been dragged to court on July 1 yesterday. Besides 200 spring rolls, this woman also apparently never received a bribe of USD 1,000 and USD 2,200 from two immigrants since 2011 ago.

Charges dropped on Nguyen is accepting cash bribes over and spring rolls. After the bribe is accepted, this woman immediately clear up the issue of immigration documents the bribe giver. What nonsense ...