San Francisco - A few days ago, Asiana Airlines crashed at San Francisco Airport. Only 2 who died from a total of 307 passengers and crew. 5 reasons why this is now more of a survivor of a plane crash.

"At this moment the plane crash, survivors more than a few decades ago. We learn from previous incidents of what could be renewed," said President & CEO of Flight Safety Foundation, Kevin Hiatt.

As reported by the Australian News, Monday (08/07/2013), sophisticated aircraft technology is the main reason for the safety of passengers. Ranging from equipment in the cockpit until fireproof carpet, all reduce the risk of death when a plane crash.

Accidents Asiana Airlines is one such example. Boeing 777 aircraft used is the most rare type of wretched, the most admirable about his safety. No doubt of the 307 passengers and cabin crew, only 2 died.

In 2008 Boeing 777 aircraft owned by British Airways also had an accident on the runway Heathrow Airport, London. 152 passengers and crew are all safe.

Closer, Lion Air crash occurred in April 2013 and on the island of Bali. Instead of landing at Ngurah Rai Airport, Boeing 737 plane that landed in the waters around the airport. But lucky, all 180 passengers and crew survived.

"What is important to understand that the passenger was in a plane crash, the majority of the survivors," said National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman.

From the data compiled by the Associated Press, the current ratio is 2 deaths of 100 million commercial airline passengers. Here are 5 more reasons a plane crash survivors:

1. Seats are more robust

Now, each seat has a buffer directly to the aircraft floor. The seats were designed to withstand 16 times the weight of gravity, thus avoiding the passenger seat and collide with each other.

2. Fireproof material

Carpet and seat upholstery are made from material anti-aircraft fire. As well, do not remove harmful gases when burned.

3. Emergency doors are easy to open

Emergency door is now easier to open, so that passengers can get out more quickly. Headed to the door, there is a row of lights are lit on the floor. Rows of lights that change color from white to red. The more red the color, the closer to the emergency exit.

4. Better simulation

Now, flight attendants perform simulations in the smoke-filled plane. This is done in order to know the true condition if the flight attendants plane crash or fire.

5. Aircraft structure stronger

Aircraft manufacturers have known weak points in the structure of the aircraft. Learn from previous incidents, they also renew the structure so that the higher level of safety.