Pontianak - Pontianak identical to the Equator Monument. In fact, this city has no less historic monuments. Digulists or Tugu monument tells the struggle of youth Bamboo Tapered Kalimantan of Indonesia gained independence.

Quite often miss Tugu Digulists traveler during a visit to Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The only monument of the most memorable definitely Equator Monument, Monument Digulists not obviously located in the city center. In fact, this monument also has a history related to West Kalimantan youth struggle to achieve independence.

We visited monument Digulists some time ago, on the sidelines of Women Across Borneo Expedition. It is located on Jl Ahmad Yani General, right at the roundabout Roundabout aka Untan Tanjungpura University.

This monument shaped 11 stakes towering into the sky, each different size. Greenish yellow color like bamboo in general. The monument was unveiled on 10 November 1987 by the then Governor of West Kalimantan, H Soedjiman.

There is a dark story behind the establishment of this monument. It all started in 1914, when the formation of the SI Party (SI) in Ngabang (now City of Hedgehogs). Faith-based organizations received a lot of sympathy from the public, until the Dutch government finally issued an order to freeze all activities of the SI.

The order was disbursed due to rampant insurgency SI members in Java and Sumatra. The Dutch East Indies government arrested 11 leaders of West Kalimantan movement. Three of the 11 characters that died while exiled to Digoel in West Irian, while 5 of them died in the incident in the Porcupine District Overseer.

11 Bamboo Digulists pointy monument symbolizing each hero. They are Achmad Marzuki, Ahmad Bilal Ahmad bin Su'ud, Gusti Djohan Idrus, Gusti Hamzah, Gusti Moehammad Situt Machmud, Gusti Soeloeng Lelanang, Sawang Amasundin Jeranding Sari, H Hj Rais bin Abdurahman, alias Bung Patch Moehammad Hanbal, Moehammad Sohor and Yes 'Moehammad Sabran.

Their names are now enshrined into the streets in the name of Pontianak. Although the monument is in the middle of the roundabout Digulists, tourists could be pulled off the road to look at the camera and record it. Proven right, Pontianak not always identical with the Equator Monument?