Malabar tea plantation in Pangalengan, Bandung regency, has very beautiful scenery. Besides expanse of tea tree like a giant tapestry, there are also tombs and houses a relic of the Dutch KAR Bosscha.

Actually, our plan was just a morning stroll on Jl Ir H Juanda aka Dago. But when gathered in one fast-food restaurant, a friend suggested to go to Pangalengan. Finally our party drove to the south, using 3 motorcycles.

Distance from Bandung to Pangalengan about 40 Km, we traveled in a time of 2 hours due to traffic on Market Pangalengan. Got there we were confused by the attractions of the destination, and eventually decided to visit the Malabar tea plantation.

The plantation is located at an altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 16-26 degrees Celsius. The tea garden is also full of history, because there is a tomb and relics of KAR Bosscha home built in 1894. You definitely know his name, immortalized as the name of the observatory in Lembang, Bandung north. Located not far from the guesthouse Malabar.

The tomb was located in a small forest in the middle of tea gardens. Conditions are maintained, surrounded by a fence, colorful coleus plants decorate around it. Meneer residence Bosscha now it has been refurbished, plus a 11-room office. By PTPN VIII Malabar Pensions and Bed and Breakfast, the house was rented out to tourists. The price is also quite affordable.

Entering the Malabar tea plantation, a security guard greeted us at the gate. He explains the choice between turn right and turn left. But just the same, both directions was tipped in the tea garden.

Turn right, over a smooth track because it is commonly used by management officials Malabar (PTPN VII), it is suitable for 'tea walk'. Meanwhile, if you turn left, you will immediately meet with the tea pickers and cow milker. Hole course, because more often impassable trucks and cow milk or tea.

We decided to turn to the right. The first place we visited was the Malabar Tea Corner office complex estates. Tea Corner is selling tea, souvenirs, and a variety of souvenirs typical of Malabar. After a warm and delicious tasting tea plantations Malabar original products, we proceeded to the plantation area.

The beauty of the tea gardens can not be doubted. As far as the eye could see, the green expanse of the tea tree like a giant tapestry. We took a walk among the tea trees are ready to be picked. Not tired of it enjoy God's amazing grace is. Typical of the cool mountain air made us not want to move quickly.