Not many know, South Kalimantan had the beach and the beautiful bay. Tamiyang sandy bay not only white, but also has panoramic underwater amazingly beautiful.

Tamiyang bay located in the District of West Sea Island, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. I had long heard of the beauty of this village. Starting from browsing the internet, to hear the story directly from friends who've been there. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit places rich shores and beautiful coral reefs.

The journey begins from Terminal Parent Km 6 Banjarmasin. Together with 6 friends, our journey traveling by Colt L300 for 5 hours to the village of Tanah Bunati Tumbu. From there, the journey continues to use a chartered fishing boat about 4 hours to Tamiyang Bay Village.

After a fairly long journey and tiring, we finally ship into dry dock Tamiyang bay. Fatigue was immediately greeted water is lost due to the crystal clear sea. A light breeze blows the morning, smile hanagt friendly locals add atmosphere. Bay Village residents Tamiyang mostly from Bugis Mandar. Their day-to-day language is Bugis.

Tamiyang up in Bay Village, we went straight to the house Mr Hj Sulaiman. He is a former village head there. The warm welcome we received from the family returned Mr Hj Sulaiman. In fact, we were allowed to stay at his house. We had a quick break and talk. Apparently, Pak Haji wife had prepared a meal for us. Exactly, that time we were already rumbling stomach.

After lunch, recover stamina. We asked for permission to use the boat down the bay Tamiyang. Luckily, the weather was very sunny day. We are even more spirit menjelajahhi underwater beauty there. It is true, not just a story. Panoramic underwater in the Gulf Tamiyang is amazingly beautiful.

Hard coral and soft coral exist in various forms here. Not only that, on the surface of the water was no less beautiful panorama. Green hills and black stones on the edge of the bay makes the stunning scenery. 5 days there snorkeling spot that we explore. Although there are some coral reefs are damaged, there is also a coal barge that sank by the brunt of the waves.

Satisfied snorkeling day, we returned to the dock and cleaned up the Gulf Tamiyang at the house of Mr Haji. Got there, he apparently snapped coconuts in the back of the house. Drinking fresh coconut water after snorkeling, how fresh!

At dusk, we rushed back to the dock to view the beauty of the sunset there. Although the clouds covered the sun that afternoon, did not reduce the beauty of light tinge. Plus the light of existing coal crusher on the other side of the Gulf Coast Tamiyang. Create an atmosphere of dusk was full of gratitude for what you have created God Almighty.

Back of the dock, our prayers finished dinner with Mr. Haji. How nice, fish was served with a very good taste. Different taste with sea fish that I ate in Banjarmasin, which had been frozen for days in es.Â

The next day after breakfast, we went on an adventure accompanied by Pak Haji. He said the best coral reefs in the Central Cape. But only half the journey, the waves high enough so that we rotate the direction that Turmeric Cape Island not far from the Gulf Tamiyang.

Arriving at the dock Tanjung Turmeric, we saw some fresh lobster tails mnggugah tastes, while imagining if lobster prices are up restaurant can cost up to millions of dollars. Turmeric in Tanjung we had to go trekking marcusuar built in the Dutch colonial era.

Accompanied by one of the residents there, it turned out pretty far trekkingnya. New halfway there already 'struggling'. But it turns out there is very beautiful scenery, although overcast and foggy but still visible several islands that surround Cape Turmeric. The journey continues through the slippery and muddy roads.

Finally we reached the destination, marcusuar tower. Up there it turned out more beautiful scenery, and all my friends go up to the top of the tower. I just do not participate because the liver is already shrunken staircase tower height and a fairly slick. Around the tower there are several pieces of solid structures Shopping heritage, which he said has never been restored at all. The buildings that are now inhabited by several guards marcusuar.

After reaching the bottom, we went snorkeling around the Cape of Turmeric. Turns underwater scenery here is no less beautiful with Tamiyang bay. We even had time to look at a stretch of soft coral tub colorful tapestry. Although it was fairly big waves but not mnyurutkan our spirit to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Cape of Turmeric. Unfortunately, because of pressed for time, just one spot that we could explore.

Back to the Gulf Tamiyang, we were preparing for the return trip to Banjarmasin. Actually there are many who have not had time snorkeling spot we went to, we were hoping to go back again to the Gulf Tamiyang village. On the way home we could unforgettable bonus. When relaxing in the back of the boat while eating instant noodles, there was a beautiful rainbow all. We even had time to cross paths with a pair of dolphins!

Do not stop there, the sun is about to set cahanya emit very beautiful. In fact, the night sky was filled with the light of thousands of stars. The most memorable, we also had time to see a shooting star.

I think this is one of the most memorable adventures. I hope to be back to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the Gulf Tamiyang. Anyone who will travel to the Gulf Tamiyang, let's keep the environment there. In order for the beauty it has not changed despite decades to come