Mount Bromo has two charm that will make you fall in love, the sea of ​​sand and savanna. Both of these places have unparalleled beauty. Vast sea of ​​sand and desert savananya really green and pretty.

If you take a trip to Mount Bromo via Overlapping village, Malang, will be a lot of beautiful natural scenery. The natural scenery is in the west of Mount Bromo, which is savannas that completely green.

Hills and green grass there capable of calming eyes. In fact, a traveler called it 'Teletubbies hill'. Berfotolah the background the beautiful green hills.

Once out of the village Overlapping, you can rent a Jeep car that can take you anywhere. It is recommended, that you leave in the morning or early in the morning for a chance to see the sunrise. Summer is the best time to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo, because the sky is blue and the sun is bright.

Then from the direction of Hamlet Ngadas, you can go to a trip to the sea of ​​sand. From the sea of ​​sand, you can see from the top of Mount Bromo salahs atu hill to the south. Do not forget, in style in a sea of ​​sand. It feels like only abroad!