Cornwall - you know, the smallest island in the world is Bishop Rock in the UK. This is the island with a length of 46 meters and 16 meters wide, and has a lighthouse building. Around him there are rough seas!

According to Guinness World Records, Bishop Rock is the smallest island of the world. The island consists of only one lighthouse tall and large, and standing on a rock with a length and width of only tens of meters.

Quoted from the BBC, Friday (17/07/2008), Bishop Rock is located in the Atlantic Ocean, precisely the westernmost tip of the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall, England. There are only rocks along the 46 meter and 16 meter wide, 45 meter depth of the stone is, and has a 49 meter tall lighthouse.

Look far backward, beginning in the Isles of Scilly sea often bypassed ships sailing from Europe to the UK. However, apparently the region became a nightmare for sailors. The number of rocks in the ocean makes no less a sinking ship!

Famous, is sinking ships in the British fleet under the command of Sir Cloudesley Shove in 1707. Tragically, the ship hit a rock and sank, killing 2,000 troops.

British government finally appointed Trinity House, a government agency to take care of the lighthouse in British waters and is responsible for safety at sea navigation vessels that sail there.

Manufacture lighthouse was needed special attention. In 1847, James Walker is a leader to make the lighthouse memluai job. He sank into the sea of ​​cast iron as a foundation. But unfortunately, the construction was stopped in 1849 due to ocean currents and strong winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

Making the lighthouse was finally completed on 1 September 1858. James Walker cost about 34,560 pounds, or approximately USD 546 million. Lighthouse consists of 5,700 tons of granite without iron and has 10 floors.

Since then, the ships can safely sail around the Isles of Scilly. The presence of the lighthouse has been able to reduce the number of accidents on ships. In light of Bishop Rock lighthouse is able to penetrate to within viewing distance of 24 miles or 44 thousand meters. Lighthouse operates nearly a century and is renowned as a lighthouse with the most advanced design in the 20th century.

Now, there is no longer at the Bishop Rock lighthouse keeper. Guard here last worked on December 21, 1992. Lighthouse here now works automatically and can be controlled from their headquarters in Harwich, Essex. The lighthouse board a helicopter to land on top of the lighthouse and checks within certain times.

For the traveler who is interested in a close look at Bishop Rock, St Mary's Boatmen's Association in the Isles of Scilly providing tour packages with boat. Prepare spend 16 pounds or approximately USD 252 thousand for adults and 8 pounds or USD 126 thousand for the children.

Unfortunately, travelers can not be setting foot inside the lighthouse. You can only see the Bishop Rock from near, because the ship could not pull over because the waves are too tight. Already ready to see the world's smallest island?