Bacan Island in Maluku have quite a lot of interesting places to visit. In addition to the typical nature of East Indonesia, here there are also several historical sites. Approximately what sights are there?

Bacan Island is located in South Halmahera, North Maluku Province. Bacan Island is the main island of South Halmahera. Labuha, the capital of South Halmahera regency lies in Bacan Island. Here are 10 sites that can be visited on the island of Bacan:

1. Masjid Sultan palace and Bacan

The building site is located at the Sultan Palace Bacan Labuha, South Halmahera. Bacan Sultan Mosque is located fairly close to Sultan Palace Bacan, namely in the area Amasing Town, South Halmahera. Bacan palace and Sultan Mosque is a historical building footprint Bacan Sultanate glory in the past.

2. Fort Bernaveld

Bernaveld fort is the Dutch fort of the region Amasing City, South Halmahera. Bernaveld fort is one of the objects of cultural heritage which shows traces of the Portuguese in Bacan Island.

3. Blue and Red Wharf pier (Beach Sibela)

As the name implies, Pier Blue dominated by blue paint. Blue dock located in the Eastern District of Bacan. Blue dock is a small beach with dock building, eating houses and cottages.

To be able to enter the dock area Blue ticket only cost Rp 2,000 per person. Blue dock is a pretty cool place to swim and snorkel. For those who do not want to swim or snorkel can also enjoy the beauty of the Blue Dock by just sitting around drinking coconut ice. Price of coconut ice here is quite affordable, which is worth USD 5,000.

Red dock is also commonly referred to as Sibela Beach or Beach Sibela. Red dock is parallel to the coastline Blue Pier. As the name implies, the Red Pier is also dominated by red paint.

Red and Blue Pier dock is a tourist spot on the island of Bacan most frequently visited by tourists, especially during Sundays or public holidays. Blue and Red Wharf dock very often visited by tourists because of easy access and are managed as a tourist.

4. Hawker Centre in Edge Swering

Near market Labuha swering there. By late afternoon, the ranks of stalls at the Edge Swering started many visitors. The booth ranks average selling various culinary South Halmahera.

Average culinary variety is sold at very affordable prices, ranging from price of Rp 5,000. Besides being able to enjoy a variety of culinary provided stalls, can also enjoy the beauty of the beach and the sunset was gorgeous.

5. Tear Netherlands

Tear Netherlands is contained vertical semi rapids in a river on the island of Bacan. To go Dutch Tears required trekking through the tropical rain forest and headed up the river. The starting point of trekking to Tear Netherlands not far from the city center Bacan Island. Precisely in the back office of the South Halmahera Regency.

Tear Netherlands does have a pretty unique name. Tears Dutch name was supposedly motivated by the legend that has ever happened in that place. It is said beforehand there was a Dutch family having a picnic in the nearby river which is where Tear Netherlands. Because you want to take the cutlery fell into the river and drift the family finally broke down.

6. Waterfalls Amasing

As the name implies, Amasing waterfall is a waterfall located in the area Amasing Kali, South Halmahera. To reach the required location of the waterfall trekking in tropical rain forests and along the river heading upstream. Surely view of tropical rainforest along the trekking path is very intriguing.

7. Panamboang beach

Panamboang beach located in the village of Panamboang, Bacan District South, South Halmahera. At certain months Panamboang beach is a very quiet beach.

When Panamboang fairly quiet beach, which is not too fast-flowing and wavy can be a pretty cool place to swim. Panamboang swim at the beach when the water is calm seemed to swim in the pool. Panamboang on the beach is also a place wooden shipbuilding.

8. Viewable substation Mandaong

Viewable Mandaong substation located near the village of Mandaong, South Bacan sub-district, South Halmahera. This observation post seems not to be named. Many are not aware of any observation post in Mandaong.

View post then it looks poorly maintained and not many people who visit there. To get to this view post need to pass a fairly steep stairs. However, it is not worth it because the view from the observation post is very intriguing. From the observation post can be seen Labuha city landscape is very beautiful.

9. Waterfalls Bibinoi

Bibinoi waterfall located in the village of Bibinoi, Middle East Bacan sub-district, South Halmahera. Access to the waterfall Bibinoi reached by trekking through the coconut gardens to garden more heterogeneous.

Once it was down to the river upstream. There are two waterfalls Bibinoi, the first flow of the waterfall there is a fairly heavy with a fairly wide area. While the second waterfall, there are two streams are also quite heavy. In the second waterfall there is also a dead-end cave just next to the waterfall flow.

10. White sand Wayaua

Pasir Putih is located in the village Wayaua Wayaua, District South East Bacan, South Halmahera. Of Labuha to go Wayaua can be reached by road with public transport. Public transport in the form of car 4WD (four wheel drive) because of difficult terrain to Wayaua enough.

The transport has a schedule of once a day, ie at 14.00 CET and 07.00 of Labuha WIT from Wayaua. In addition through the land, can also be reached by sea. If you chose the sea route, from Labuha must first be towards the small harbor at Babang which can be reached by public transport.

Port Babang can proceed with the rising body (a type of motorized longboat) to Songa. Of Songa can continue to ride motorcycles to Wayaua.

From the Gulf Wayaua, speed or body can use to get to Pasir Putih. However, from the white sand Wayaua towards public transport is not available. Then can ask for help on the locals if you want to get there.

When it will arrive at the White Sands dune sand will appear white in a sea of ​​bluish green. Bacan Island undulating landscape is hilly. White sand dune in the middle of the ocean with a turquoise colored background looks very beautiful hill range.