When spent the weekend in Malaysia, try looking at the Malacca Town are ancient and historic buildings. You must come and trace the region.

For the traveler who wants a vacation with a little time and a mediocre budget, Malacca is one of a very suitable place to visit, especially for those who like historical places such as the castle, building-building of the Dutch heritage.

You will be treated to the urban atmosphere of a bygone era with some modifications to the present. For those who like a culinary tour do not worry, Malacca had a special culinary tour of the Jonker Street.

I want to share my experiences when I was on vacation traveler to Malacca a few months ago. I departed from Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Tasik precisely from the South terminal at about 10:00 am local time. Incurred costs around RM 10.

Promptly at 12:00 local time I reached Malacca Bus Terminal. My stomach feels hungry, I decided to look for a place to eat. Do not worry about eating issues. In the terminal there are many stalls that provide Indonesian food such as chicken penyet, pecel catfish, chicken soup and others. Affordable price starting from RM 6 only and iced sweet tea

After filling the stomach, it's time to get around Malacca. For those who first came to Malacca, do not be confused because at this terminal provides an information center for guests. So we can ask and buy maps for RM 5 (Rp 16,000).

My first goal is Malacca Dutch Heritage Trail. If you want to get there, take the Bus Rapid from Malacca terminal take 30 minutes and cost around RM 1.70 (USD 4.000).

Dutch Malacca Heritage Trail is one of the world heritage recognized by UNESCO. The locals know this area as the Malacca City. There, you will be treated to the beauty of the architecture of the Dutch heritage of high artistic merit.

Starting from the church, the castle to the existing means of transportation in ancient times. Some places are must-visit when you are there, among others, Porta De Santiago-The Old Gateway, Dutch Graveyard, St Paula € ™ s Church and others. To visit all these attractions, do not worry because all are in one complex.

So enough with only you could walk around the Malacca City. The most important thing is you have to bring a camera because it is very unfortunate if it did not capture the moment of a vacation there.

After quite satisfied around Malacca City about 4-5 hours. Dark arrives, saaatnya you visit culinary center located in Malacca City. People knew him as Jonker Street. Jonker street is almost equal to the night market, there's just providing a variety of culinary specialties of Malacca and open at night.

Various kulier presented moci delicious as cake, ice eggs, potato chips and many other delicious foods. Culinary specials here are kind of seafood. soups like clam, cuttlefish kale, grilled shrimp. For the Muslim traveler, carefully before tasting, because many are not labeled halal food there.

After almost 1 hour round, right at 20:00 local time, time to go home. Last bus from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur only until 23:00 local time. Do not miss it if you want to go back to Kuala Lumpur.

My journey then takes about 2 hours to Terminal Malacca. Who boarded a different bus as we headed Malacca. It's easy to choose the bus, the fare back to the terminal is also a bit more expensive at around 2 RM