Jakarta - Being a person who was flying the plane, the pilot profession is certainly very interesting traveler. From his experience, there are some secrets are revealed to the general public know.

Patrick Smith, a commercial pilot who has worked for 20 years. Budget of Fox News, Monday (07/08/2013) Patrick sharing some secrets and tips for passengers:

1. The cockpit can be visited

Make no mistake, Patrick said, the cockpit can actually visit. Many passengers are wrong, that the cockpit was not accessible anyone except the pilot.

In fact, the pilot worked the room can be visited the passengers. Only choose the right time to come to the room. Typically, when the cockpit can spy plane was parked. You can see her before leaving, or after arriving at the destination airport.

2. Fear of flying? Do not sit in the back

These tips for passengers who are afraid to fly. This fear usually comes from turbulence or disruption that noisy engine sound. To avoid the fear, do not sit in the back row of seats.

Because, more engine noise in the rear of the aircraft noisier than in other parts. In addition, the shock is much more pronounced in the back. Want more stable? According to Patrick, sitting in the wing area is the most appropriate choice.

3. Here's how to overcome fear of flying

No matter how often fly, people are afraid of flying will always tense while in the air. Patrick also said, there are some ways to fight it. The first way is familiar with the process itself fly.

You can come to the airport, watching the planes take off and land. Bisakan themselves also with a sound that is in the plane while in flight. However jikat not lost anyway, according to Patrick, it's time to go to a psychiatrist.

4. Turbulence, take it easy

How strong turbulence, according to Patrick, is not harmful to the aircraft. According to him, could not menerbalikkan plane turbulence. So, please take it shocks while in the air.

5. Aircraft door can not be open in the air

Some passengers truthfully reveal his fear of aircraft that could open the door himself while in the air. According to Patrick, it is a thing impossible. This is because the pressure at altitude flying aircraft does not allow emergency door or window open.

6. How aircraft can land when foggy?

Do not worry, all aircraft equipped with advanced electronic technology Instrument Landing System (ILS). This allows the pilots steer the aircraft on the right track even though the air is foggy and could not look around too obvious.

However, there is must be considered. Although the airplane can land and walk in the fog as black as anything, there should be rules are adhered to. The pilot must have the runway from a height of 60 meters, or the landing had to be postponed.

7. Smooth landing effect on the ability of the pilot?

No. In fact, according to Patrick, the most good pilots can land a plane with no smooth. Rough landings could occur because of many things, not only because of the ability of the pilot.

Shocks and the like are things that can not be avoided and sometimes unpredictable. To be sure, whether or not a smooth landing no effect on the ability of the pilot to operate the aircraft.