It seemed, almost all tourists like Yogya City. In addition to the many tourist destinations, one thing that you can feel when you make a trip to Yogya is convenience. Society was famously hospitable. Yogya always make miss.

This is the reason I love the story Yogya City. This is a special city and has many names, from City to City Student gudeg. Yogya city also has the motto, "Be Comfortable Yogya". I agree with that motto.

Comfort is the first thing I felt when menapakan foot in the city of Yogyakarta. His town has many tourist attractions, such as the Keraton Yogyakarta, square, Malioboro to several famous monuments.

Many tourists who come to every tourist spot. Many photographs, or just sit in the square to talk. Yogya is a student city. Not surprisingly, many universities here are visited by prospective students from outside Yogya region.

At night, the atmosphere is more special Yogya. Glow of city lights combined with the stout old buildings that stood there. A romantic atmosphere! Yogya, sya could not say another word about the comfortable, beautiful, and the beauty of your city.