Swimming, watching the entire city skyline from the top of the building can be done in some of these places. Many of these hotels are utilizing the roof as a cool pool for the traveler. Want?

Some famous hotels in the world because it has a swimming pool with a special design on the roof of the hotel. From the Huffington Post, Wednesday (21/08/2013) he's 7 cool the pool:

1. Sands SkyPark Pool, Singapore

The pool is on rooftop Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore. Sands SkyPark Pool made ​​to resemble a cruise ship, perched on top of three hotel towers. Your eyes will be spoiled beauty of Singapore and blue sky with beautiful clouds tinge.

You can swim freely as possible in the pool parallel to the width of this rooftop. Try to relax and sunbathe on chairs that line. If you do not want to swim, enjoy delicious culinary treats are served at SkyBar yan or Chocolate Bar restaurant on the roof.

2. Rooftop Lounge, Canada

Treats panorama of Lake Ontario and the City of Toronto can indefinitely be there. Singgahilah Rooftop Lounge which is on top of the building Thompson Hotel, Toronto, USA.

When swimming, you are required to pull over to the edge of the pond. Look at the tall buildings surrounding the shaded sky perfectly. You do not have to worry about crammed if you want to swim in the rooftop above. Parties specializes hotel pool is only for guests staying at the boutique hotel.

3. The Rooftop, U.S.

Many of the hotels in the city of Los Angeles that utilizes rooftop to spoil the tourists. The Standard Downtown LA like this. Is a hotel that has a pool and bar on the roof called The Rooftop.

Besides relaxing swim at The Rooftop's, traveler can enjoy the beat of loud music class international DJs. So uplifting to the typical night club spotlight. Then you can also warm up in the fireplace around the pond.

4. Skye, Brazil

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. Nothing is impossible if you look at all the luxuries there. Not least on the part of the Unique Hotel has a rooftop swimming pool named Skye.

Your body can feel the freshness of the unique swimming pool, the pool water was red. Not only that, you can catch a view of the Ibirapuera Park and the whole view of the city of Sao Paulo Skye Bar & Restaurant is located on the roof. The hotel is also considered one of the most stylish boutique hotel in the City of Samba.

5. Rooftop Pool, U.S.

City of New Orleans is also no showing off the beauty of the city and the death of high-rise buildings owned. Cool pool in the town was owned Rooftop Pool The Westin New Orleans Canal Place, New Orleans, USA.

The pool is exactly facing the charming French Quarter and Mississippi River which runs through the city. Although no other area of ​​the pool, you can still swim your heart's content. No time is considered bad to roam the 29th floor roof of the building.

6. The Rooftop, England

Recently the building rooftop Shoreditch House, in London, England was renovated and converted into a swimming pool on the roof. The Rooftop is the perfect swimming pool in East London.

The Shoreditch House is located in the industrial area of ​​London. The entire skyline of the city you can enjoy in the pool. Around the pool is flanked by green gardens that add freshness tertutama during the day. Special spotlights add to the perfection of the city of London as night fell.

7. Luna Bar, Malaysia

In a city known for building innovative architecture and temperate heat, the pool is one of absolute necessity. A 5 star hotel Pacific Regency Hotel Suites in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a beautiful swimming pool that is also favored traveler named Luna Bar.

The swimming pool on the roof of the 34th floor in the middle of the bustle of the city. You can also hear the music DJ who offered while sitting in chairs provided by the building. The hotel is located overlooking the Petronas Towers, KL icons.