The tragic events experienced by a British female tourist when traveling to New York, USA. When you're relaxing on the sidewalk, a taxi lost control and hit the legs to drop. Luckily, his life was saved.

The tragic incident occurred on the sidewalk around the Rockefeller Centre, New York City. News reported from Australia, Wednesday (08/21/2013) The British woman tourist was still young, 22 years old.

Chronology, initially women who are victims of tourists were relaxing with a friend. Suddenly, there was a speeding taxi to climb to the top of the pavement. Before you hit the left foot female tourist, the cab had crashed into pesepda.

Then, the woman tourist screamed in pain and asking for help. Luckily, the people around him to move quickly to provide relief. According to several witnesses, half of the crushed legs visible only live skin alone.

David Justino (44), a plumber immediately opened his belt and tied the woman tourist on a limb to stop the bleeding. A pizza car driver, Max Crespo insert foot female tourist who dropped it into the bucket. He then ran to get ice and put it on her legs tourists. It also aims to stop the bleeding.

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz is located on Sixth Avenue on the spot immediately to the scene, after he heard about the accident. Men are popular with Dr. Oz's show and mingle with the people and helping the poor woman tourist.

"People have saved his life," said Dr. Mehmet Oz or commonly called Doctor Oz, the famous doctor in the U.S. who praised the swift actions help the people who tried to stop the bleeding.

Some witnesses said, the yellow cab speeding and climbed up to the top of the pavement. After crashing into cyclists and tourists woman, the driver was still inside the taxi and idle for 15 minutes.

"Maybe he's wrong pedal cars, pedal instead of the brake pedal instead of gas," said an eyewitness Jeffrey Hayes, tourists from Massachusetts.

The woman tourist on holiday with friends in New York and stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania near Penn Station. Her best friend could only cry and shock when his friend was hit by a taxi and taken to the hospital.