Sometimes, tourists do not know for sure whether he should tip when traveling. The population in some countries is often asked for a tip. 4 But if you visit this country, you should save the money it was good.

Different regions, different again its tip culture. In some countries, to give tips to the hotel concierge or restaurant employees are the usual things. Not infrequently the tourism industry workers requested a tip directly to the traveler.

But in some countries, apparently giving a tip is not recommended. News reported from Australia, Wednesday (08/21/2013), countries such as Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and India.

Japan, for example, had a population of independent and hardworking. No wonder they do not like a tourist when giving a tip. Even worse, you could be considered rude.

You do not know how much they hate it, because they rarely show or talk about it directly. But even so, in Japan imposed service charges in some places, particularly upscale restaurants. Resto western-style restaurants also apply.

In South Korea, giving a tip is not too advisable. Foreign residents feel Ginseng Tipping is not required. Similar to Brazil, you do not need to spend a lot of money for a tip. If want to give to an appreciation, a taxi driver in Brazil are used to receive payment of a nominal taxi fare rounded up.

India is known by fraud and rampant criminality in the big cities. But who would have thought, the actual population of the country is not too tempted by money tip. This time in a rather different sense: many of those who ask for money in advance before you leave a tip.