Aspen - When you're skiing in the snow, be sure not only that you want. You definitely want to stay at the resort set in a warm and spectacular natural scenery.

6 This resort offers complete facilities with ski package. From The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday (09/06/2013) following 6 ski resort with the most spectacular views in different parts of the world:

1. Margy Hut, U.S.

Margy Hut is located on top of a small hill just below Timberline, about 10 miles northeast of City of Aspen, Colorado, USA. The resort has beautiful views of the Elk Mountains that look beautiful from inside your room.

There, the trees do not look green, avalanche covered the trees start to twig branches. Gorgeous! The resort there since 1982. There are 4 rooms available on the ground floor. There is also one private room equipped with 2 large beds. Want?

2. Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Lyngen Lodge is located in a remote forest on a steep cliff. Do not worry, this luxury lodge accommodation is safe for you. If you want to come in, take the passenger ship from Scandinavia who are ready to take you there in the morning.

Travelers will see a row of pine trees and houses on the edge of the grass roofed huts Norway Fjordland. Mounds of snowy mountains would wash your eyes and Surf the middle of the thin sun until nightfall.

3. Rifugio Regina Margherita, Italy

Rifugio Regina Margherita took over Gnifetti, the highest peak in the Sesia Valley. The resort was built in 1893 and was renovated in 1980. The resort is managed either by the Italian Alpine Club. There is a cozy cottages are available complete with the most delicious food dish as well.

Your eyes will see the snowy mountains directly split and stuck on a cliff whose height is more than 4,500 meters above sea level. Well, be prepared inhaling oxygen as comfortable as possible and slide!

4. Whare Kea Lodge & Chalet, New Zealand

The resort opened in 1996 and is located on the shores of Lake Wanaka, Central Otago region, New Zealand. This luxury resort seemed to float on the water. Travelers can skate in the panorama set in the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps.

Whare Kea Lodge & Chalet is located in the middle of the green agricultural lands belonging to the people around. If you want to spend the night and skating on the snowflakes in this resort, dug deep pocket U.S. $ 430-1440 (USD 4.7 million-15, 9 million). You are free to enjoy all the luxury amenities of the resort according to taste.

5. The Monashees Lodge, Canada

The Monashee Lodge is one of 12 remote lodges operated by commercial heli-skiing company Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH). There are 48 luxurious bedrooms are equipped with an exercise room on the ice skating. Try also feel rooftop hot tub at this resort.

Remember ya! Are allowed to ski here are the ones who have advanced course. Therefore, the ski terrain to be traversed quite creepy.

6. Neuhornbachhaus, Austria

Now turning to Austria, if you want to skate in the snow in this country lodge at Neuhornbachhaus, Schoppernau, Austria. Equally resort's luxury!

In this resort you can warm yourself by immersing your body in the forage. Oops! Usually skiers abuzz lay in it while enjoying the outdoor scenery snow white.