Singapore - Resorts World Sentosa , Singapore will have a new ride at Adventure Cove Waterpark named Dolphin Island . The visitors will get to see many dolphins and be kissed by him . Passionately !

" At Dolphin Island there are 20 dolphins that type of Indo - Pacific bottlenose dolphin , " said Executive Communications Resort World Sentosa , Anggi Permatasari at Dolphin Island , Adventure Cove Waterpark , Resorts World Sentosa , Singapore , Thursday ( 09/05/2013 )

Luckily, I was one of three people in Indonesia who first entered into the Dolphin Island before it officially opened . First , all the accessories such as rings , bracelets , earrings , to watches should be incorporated into the lockers provided. This is so as not to injure the dolphins when interacting directly with it .

We all then first briefed about the dolphins and their lives , for about 20 minutes . After that, then we replace with similar clothes wet suit complete with boots .

A Japanese female instructor then guided the three of us go into the pond . At the high- pond , the water is only waist- deep adult . But in the middle , it may reach more than 3 meters .

" Tian Tang , " said the instructor while sounding whistle .

Before long , a dolphin coming towards us . The color gray snout and mouth shaped like a bottle . Funnily enough, the dolphin is named Tian Tang gave a speech , in the form of fins moving human hand as if waving. This is a welcome !

The instructors were busy giving Tian Tang eating a piece of fish or squid after each one-time attractions. Tian Tang himself completely benign and weighed more than 100 pounds .

Tian Tang showed his skill even more . He made ​​the leap into the air , took a great bracelet that was thrown away , to swim round and round quickly . The most eagerly awaited , of course kissed by him !

" Tian Tang coming soon , hold the bottom with the palm of your hand . Then have to wait for the cue from me , " said the instructor .

Soon , Tian Tang came to my front . After holding the lower body , my cheeks a little advance forward . Sure enough , Tian Tang immediately kissed my cheek with the corner of his mouth . Muah !

" The dolphins are mammals friendly . He loves interacting with people , " said the instructor

In addition , other activities are no less exciting is hug a dolphin and see it in action by walking on water use rear fins . While interacting with the dolphins , there are photographers assigned to capture the moment the visitors .

Dolphin Island has several pools and the salt water in it . Marine and fisheries experts from Australia , the U.S. , Singapore , and Japan became responsible for the health and development of the dolphins .

Even so , until now there has been no announcement of what the price of admission to the Dolphin Island . Therefore , the opening of the vehicle is also expected to take place by the end of the year . We'll wait!