Samosir - The best place to wait for morning in Samosir Island is in the Beta Hill . Endless prairie like a tapestry overlooking Lake Toba . If lucky , the sun will rise in the morning complete Beta Hill .

In the early morning on Wednesday ( 8/28/2013 ) ago , and the photographers detikTravel Garuda Indonesia Photo Contest finalists have been at the foot of the Mount of Beta , in Tuk Tuk , Samosir Island . Equipped with flashlights , we walked in a long line to get a buffalo , vast pastures .

Our eyes carefully looked to where the foot step . Understandably , there are buffalo dung everywhere . Finally , we came to the Beta Hill . In dimly lit conditions , appeared landscape of Lake Toba in front of us . Semi-permanent buildings , like public toilets , built to welcome Lake Toba Festival to be held on the 8 September 2013 .

Is like the army snipers , the photographer from 5 countries instantly spread their tripod for somewhere fun to wait for sunrise. Unfortunately , a thick cloud hanging over us . Looks like we do not have the opportunity to view the sunrise directly .

When it was brighter , more clear how beautiful Bukit Beta . Endless grass neat and short , like a diligent cut by machine . In fact , here cut grass is naturally due to eat buffalo . Beta hill is a buffalo pasture for local people .

If there is a disturbing eye called while enjoying the view of Lake Toba , it is a towering two BTS towers . The photographers also discuss how this BTS pole not participate photographed by them .

I also chose to climb to the summit of the Mount of Beta . The higher , the more beautiful scenery . Moreover , at the peak of Bukit Beta are traditional Batak tombs which adds strong cultural value in the Beta Hill .

The rest , I really enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in Bukit Beta . Our voices only talk to it, other than that no other sounds . The sun finally came up, but immediately covered with clouds . The photographer just bite the fingers .

Nevertheless , from the top of the hill scenery awesome . In front of me there is Lake Toba which extend far up into the skyline. Behind me , Bukit Beta directly swooped down and gave place to the green valleys with rice fields . This hill like a natural wall that limits the valley Tuk Tuk Lake Toba .

Buffalos then brought the shepherds , who later became the object of our images . If the morning sun shone brightly , was completed early in the Beta Hill . But never mind , when foot is stepping down to return and breakfast , this heart is satisfied with the beautiful scenery at the top of the hill .