Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java. Mount as high as 3,676 meters above sea level is located in Malang regency and Lumajang. There a traveler could see the mighty mountain towering and beautiful lakes on it.

This trip is the first week back Lebaran holiday yesterday. That afternoon, we departed from Senen station in Jakarta to Malang. Me and a friend had to jostle for most passengers are still solid. We both also have no intention, at the foot of the highest peak menapakan Java, Mount Semeru Mahameru.

Arrived in Malang, we waited another group to hire transport to the Overlapping Market. Then from Overlapping Market, we went on a trip to the village of Ranu Pani by car hire jeep. Ranu Pani is we start the ascent on foot.

Trip does not feel tired, when these eyes staring at Ranu Kumbolo. Inilag lakes that exist in the lake. Clear water looks beautiful shades of turquoise. Thirst is gone with a sip of water from the lake.

Journey still continues, it feels like a quick arrival at Mahameru. Even so, do not be in a hurry. There are many beautiful sights that lie at Semeru.

The cold of midnight was discouraged to keep climbing to reach the highest peak in Java. Journey is not easy, which is very tough climbing terrain while inhaling the dust floating a daunting challenge.

At the top, then we feel proud and grateful. Being on the highest peak on the island of Java, this is a great accomplishment after going through every challenge in climbing. Stood with his stout mengenggam Mahameru while the flag was lead to a sense of 'independence' in the liver.