Golden yellow light slowly appears on the eastern horizon sky Dieng , Central Java . The color dominated much sky . This is the Golden Sunrise , a masterpiece of the Creator that is so awesome .

The Golden Sunrise is an accurate description for the sunrise spot here . It's not complete if a photographer that has never worked here . It's a masterpiece of the Creator is so awesome .

Land above the clouds , like the Bob Marley song really exist in Indonesia , precisely in the village at Dieng Plateau Sembungan , Wonosoba , Central Java . The village is located at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level has some very interesting places to visit .

Some time ago , precisely in July 2013 I visited there with friends . We decided to leave after noon prayers , ie at 12.45 pm .

We set out with a personal vehicle of Yogyakarta . Because it has not had lunch , we decided to take a break . Our lunch break while enjoying a typical soup in Magelang, Semarang is currently 13:20 pm .

14:00 pm , me and my friends proceed to Dieng . When the weather is sunny and cool mountain atmosphere so thick when we entered the Waterford . Feels exciting journey with twists and turns the track journey that adrenaline to step on the gas .

Finally entered Wonosobo . Watch shows 15.10 pm . The cold began to be felt when we covered hills to Dieng .

Unbelievable we had already entered the tourist area of ​​Dieng at 15:45 pm . Not long ago , we were up at the lodge / homestay that is quite nice with facilities strategically appropriate course . The price is quite cheap , the price under $ 300 thousand .

After a break while sipping coffee and chatted for a moment with the innkeeper , we decided to go for an evening walk . Because the location of the inn is located in the tourist area , we just walk all sports and also burn calories in order to make the cold is not so stiff joints .

We then went to go eat potato plantation , and to village carica locals . Me and my friends had also shopped shirts , scarves etc in a small stall near Masjid Dieng .

Towards the evening we returned to the inn and bath . After dinner , I and others might break due tomorrow early in the morning , getting up to climb Mount Sikunir . According to many people , this is one of the best places in the world see the sunset .

Promptly at 3:30 pm , an alarm was screaming . We got up and prepared with equipment prepared . Some were brought , among others, heavy jackets , hats , scarves , gloves , flashlight , camera and tripod . Not to forget , some light snacks to accompany while waiting for sunrise .

We set out from the inn at 3:55 pm and the parking lot of the Mount Sikunir up promptly at 4:15 pm . Keep in mind the distance from the parking lot up to the sunrise spot about 900 meters .

Many vacationers also from different areas had gathered there . It's all for the extreme cold in the size of Indonesia , which is about 6 degrees Celsius .

Travelers need to know the temperature extremes on the Dieng in July-August range from 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day . Whereas at night to reach 0-5 degrees Celsius .

We started up the hill with the help of a flashlight . Although there has been a clear trail , but the road looks dark. On the left side is a cliff , so we have to be extra careful .

Finally , at around 4:45 pm we reached the top of a hill with panting breath because the track is very extreme . Once arrived , I just pull out a weapon aka tripod and camera . Then I look for the best spot to welcome the Golden Sunrise .

All the sweat , exhausted and panting breath immediately vanished when the sun began to cast a little light penetrates the horizon that stretches and greet Mount Sindoro , Sumbing , Merbabu , Mount Merapi and Mount Lawu .

Along with the red hue on the horizon , we smile grew. Jeprat direct -snap action we did while admiring the beauty of the Golden Sunrise .

It is not wrong if this place has the nickname Golden Sunrise . Spectacular and amazing that the right word is necessary to describe the sunrise on the hill Sikunir .

After watch shows at 07.45 pm , we went to the spot to see the beauty of the hills 1 Telaga tadpole . Natural spring water from the ground is so clear , calm and sparkling complement the beauty of the morning . Still in awe , we returned to the inn through the villages . We are also looking at the activities of the local population that the average farm .

Finished packing , we return to Yogyakarta and do not forget to buy typical souvenirs for relatives Dieng . Do not forget the noodles tasted Ongklok Longkrak famous . It's a beautiful and unforgettable . I love Indonesia.