Medan - About 50 thousand tourists are expected to watch Lake Toba Festival (FDT) in Samosir regency, North Sumatra. The committee also prepared a variety of attractions, including gale Sigale as high as 15 feet are floating in the middle of the lake.

FDT will be held on 8 to 14 September 2013. Committee Chairman who is also the Regent of Samosir FDT Mangindar Simbolon stated, Sigale-gale which is typical Batak puppet that will be created giant version.

Sigale high-gale doll's height reaches 15 meters and will be placed in floating in the lake. This position will Sigale gale among the Beta Hill Village Tuktuk Samosir Island.

"Sigale-gale will give off light at night, so visitors can see it from the edge of the lake," said Simbolon told reporters at the Asean International Hotel, Jalan Adam Malik, Medan, Friday (06/09/2013) night.

Sigale-gale design was done by artists, and eco-friendly material mostly prepared in Jakarta. Then all the material was brought to North Sumatra by containers. Current assembly process underway in the lake.

"During the festival, visitors will be able to witness this Sigale gale. If blown, it would look like dancing or menortor," said Simbolon.

Besides Sigale giant gale, there are a variety of cultural attractions committee promised. This includes boat races among Solu Bolon and the World Drum Festival or the World Drum Festival.