For those of you who this weekend getaway to Pacitan, sempatkanlah stopped Pidaan Beach. The distance is only 45 minutes from downtown Pacitan. There was a white sandy beach with lots of rocks and coral reefs.

Pidaan coastal city located east Pacitan, East Java. The road to the beach was already good, so comfortable to be skipped. Pacitan is famous for its variety of natural beauty, from the caves, and beaches as well as the tasty culinary treats!

Well, this Pidaan Beach obliged to be visited if you are a weekend to Pacitan. The atmosphere is serene and the many palm trees that provide shade. Satisfied the photos, do not forget to trace the shores.

That's when you can see a lot of beautiful coral reefs. But remember, be careful as there are sea urchins step. Even so, the waters around the coast is quite clear.