Berlin - The strangest thing happened to Air Berlin flight from Stockholm to Berlin. The plane was carrying 200 passengers took off, without carrying luggage of the passengers, none. How so?

The passengers who were on board the flight AB 8109 on August 9, 2013 and absurdly confused. The problem is, they do not carry any aircraft owned by their luggage. With a forehead wrinkle, they can only see the mound just piled luggage at the airport as the plane took off.

From, Friday (06/09/2013), the middle passenger complained endlessly to this German airline. 200 Passenger's noisier in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there is a Facebook group entitled "airberlin 8109 Stockholm to Berlin - Where are our bags?!".

Some lucky passengers get their luggage back, while others continue to ask without getting an answer. In Air Berlin's official Twitter account, mentioned the passengers who lost luggage can be asked to the lost luggage at the airport.

When we got there, they were instead told to ask for the relevant airline. Until September 4, 2013, there are still complaining about lost baggage Tweets and lack of response to Air Berlin.

Air Berlin spokesman also explained the reason why they fly without carrying any baggage of the passengers. Because the density of the airport, there was a delay and other problems.

The airline does not want to make a connecting flight taking passengers missed the flight. Then, the pilot immediately step on the gas when all the passengers had boarded the plane, without waiting for luggage put on the plane.

According to the spokesman, all the luggage is in the shipping process. Some got a quick refund process, while others take a little longer. But definitely, the Air Berlin is seeking the best for passengers.