Shizuishan - Muslims travel enthusiasts in the greater world now , but unfortunately there are many packages provided by tour operators . To that end , a special conference rate of the Muslim world tour was held in China .

Muslim World Tour Operations Conference 2013 officially opened in Ningxia , China . International conference was attended by over 100 participants from 20 countries .

Some tour operators who come to follow the conference were from Indonesia , Malaysia , Iran , China , Taiwan , Brunei Darussalam , Singapore , Egypt and Saudi Arabia . The goal is of course to introduce tourist Muslims in the world , especially China .

" Today Muslim tourist industry is booming and we are here to develop tourism in the Muslim world , " said Naser Abdelaal Abdelfatah , representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt in the opening speech at the conference Shahu Resort Hotel in Shizuishan , Ningxia Province , China , Saturday ( 07.09.2013 ) .

At present , he added more and more people are looking for Muslim tourist . China , added Naser , has sought the tour has even been known to Egypt , Libya and many more .

" This conference is important to promote tourism Muslims , especially those in China , " he concluded .

Of Indonesia , there are 15 delegates who follow the conference . Everything comes from the Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies ( ASITA ) Jakarta .

In this event , the Chinese also took the opportunity to introduce Ningxia . There Ningxia region of China are inhabited by a Muslim majority population . All participants will be invited to tour to learn more about Ningxia owned tourism potential of this area.

There are many Muslims who offered Ningxia tourism . One of the most reliable is the Sand Lake .

There , tourists are invited to see the desert . Moment , certainly seemed to be tourists in Egypt . Imagine, there you can find a camel and a large desert . Visitors can directly feel the thrill of riding a camel .