Jakarta - Jakarta 's Old Town is always interesting to visit . This time , TAUZIA Hotel Management invites for venturing into the existing museums in the Old City . It feels like going back to the Dutch era !

The event is called ' Come together We Plesiran TAUZIA ' Old Days '' Plesiran 30 invites media to participate . TAUZIA Hotel Management itself overshadowed some of the usual hotel diinapi the traveler , such as the Harris Hotel and Pop ! Hotel .

TAUZIA director Marc Steinmeyer , said the event aims to promote a variety of historical and cultural tourist area located in the Old City area .

" This time we will be touring the old city , to explore the tourist attractions and museums all good that you may not know or that you have to know . Yeah of course I 'm sure as Jakarta , you certainly know some of the museum ," according to Marc Steinmeyer said at the opening ceremony ' Plesiran Old Days ' held at TAUZIA at Mandiri Museum , Old Town , Jakarta , Saturday ( 07/09/2013 ) .

Further explore the museum 's event , participants were divided into 10 groups consisting of 3 members and 1 committee as chairman of the group .

we are invited to follow the game Mistery - Game - Race , which toured museums around the old city , while following the instructions streak to be found in any museum designated . This time our role as journalists from Javasche Courant should follow game scenarios explore the museum .

The game starts from the Museum Bank Mandiri . While racing to find the next clue , we also learn about the history of the financial companies in the Nederlandse Handel - Maarschappij , which is now the Museum Bank Mandiri . Yes , we were invited to go back to 1933 as in the past the Dutch period .

Next we were directed towards the first in the history of the museum is the repository of the company Geo Wehry & Co. to find a lost treasure , namely tea . To find the next clue , again, we finally gain knowledge of history . Our riding a bicycle was required to achieve the objectives destinations . Fun too !

The game ends at the Ceramics Museum , the former House Raad van Justitie . When sailed history done in a fun way , of course activities around the museum is a fun holiday weekend . Do not be lazy to visit the museum yes !