Singapore - Hotel with views of the mountains green or white coastline, it is common. Singapore has Equarius Hotel is located in the 'under the sea'. From the large window in her room, be prepared to see tens of thousands of fish passing by.

Equarius Hotel is located in the SEA Aquarium, Marine Life Park and became part of the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), Singapore. The hotel has views of the sea water looks blue and lots of fish, which is in the Open Ocean.

Open Ocean itself is a giant aquarium with view panel reaches a height of 36 meters and width of 8.3 meters. In it there are about 50,000 the number of fish of 70 species, such as bamboo sharks and manta fish.

"The rooms in this hotel is Equarium Ocean Suite, a total of 11 rooms," said Executive Communications RWS Anggi Permatasari in Equarium Hotel on Wednesday (04/09/2013).

Ocean Suite has a spacious size of up to 90 square meters. Rooms are made ​​up of two floors, with the bedrooms on the lower floor and a luxurious living room.

In the sleep room, guests can see the sights of the ocean through the giant windows. If you want to see, you have to press the first window. Then, cover the window will open and the lights will turn off automatically. Atmosphere was changed to all blue like in the ocean!

After that, you will be mesmerized by the sight in front of the eyes. Look at the fish are colorful and various sizes swimming outside the window. The most special, is that black manta fish. He slid in the water with small fish that seemed to settle on his body. Cool!

"Near the window there is also a bath tub that can be opened and closed. Guests can soak warm water while looking at the fish," said Anggi.

Still not satisfied? Outside the living room there is a private jacuzzi. You can take a dip without fear of being seen by people. Because there is a large wall and lush trees.