Rajasthan - Some attraction still has appeal because towering staircases lined up, or snaking in the hills. Of all that exists in the world, following 6 attractions with most horror ladder.

Beauty landscape is directly proportional to the price to be paid. From the Huffington Post, Wednesday (11/09/2013), there are 6 destinations countdown with stairs very cool at the same time horrified:

6. Rajasthan, India

In Rajasthan, India, there is a well-made ancient Britons so previous community gathering place, especially when the weather is hot. Large and deep wells can be entered hundreds of people passing through the square wall around the stairs in four.

In addition to having utility, the well is also very artistic. Steps were made ​​in such a way, very beautiful to enshrined in the camera. The stairs are beautiful to the eye is quite horrified to pass because there is no handrail and guardrail.

5. Tiger & Turtle, Germany

Wish that exciting? Just try to make a trip to Duisburg, Germany. There is no installation of stairs with a shape like a roller coaster track. This is the work of designer duo in Hamburg.

The interesting thing is, the ladder has a different path. There is a steep uphill, downhill and there is also no less steep. This ladder can be found in Heinrich Hildebrand, Angerpark.

4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is famous for its magnificent temples. Almost all the temples can be accessed with one-way up the stairs. Imagine that there are stairs in the temple Borobodur. Well, the stairs there is much more steep. Horrified!

Some tourists are afraid of falling and fear of heights are willing to crawl in order to reach the peak. Dare to get up there?

3. Mount Tianmen, China

A mountain in China has an invisible ladder ends, like a ladder to heaven. This destination is on Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, Hunan. The visitors who come willingly climbed thousands of stairs in order to reach its end.

Not only uphill, this stair staircase. There are several points where the flat width of 1 or 2 meters before climbing back afterwards. Do not look back if you do not want to look at dizzy heights!

2. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain

There are unique in Spain. 2 Island in Bermeo, Basque connected by a magnificent stone bridge and unique. No ordinary footpath, road bridge is made of stairs.

It took great courage to cross 229 in the circular stairs, uphill and downhill with views of the open sea. However, that's the challenge. Bold?

1. Montagne de Bueren, Belgium

This is the horror world ladder. Pleaded not afraid of heights, let alone climb 406 stairs on the Montagne de Bueren, Belgium. The stairs were built in 1880 is so tourist attraction not to be missed in Liege.

The route is only one that is rising to the top. Not winding, not up and down like the others. But the challenge is, look back and see just how steep the stairs. But, the beauty of the view from the top of the stairs there are two.