Guangzhou - While at the airport, tourists usually look busy passing stewardess. But, recently a tourist who stopped to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, China just made ​​a scene. Police arrest fake flight attendant who turns 13 years old boy!

Stewardess become tourist travel companion while on a plane. They provide a service that makes guests comfortable while sitting on the plane. However, what happens if you see a flight attendant who apparently is a 13 year old boy?

Reported by the Global Times on Monday (16/09/2013) fake stewardess named Luo Siqi. He was arrested when police last August 21, 2013 in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport while wearing a China Southern Airlines flight attendant uniforms.

According to local police, Luo passing for 16 days using a stewardess uniform. In fact, Lou has four types stewardess uniform gets from shopping online.

A social observer who handled the case, said Luo depressed and less attention. Luo grew up in an orphanage when his parents go into a nursing home. Lou then entrusted to relatives in Guandong. Then, Lou returned to Guangzhou by himself last July.

Luo also revealed the reason why a fake flight attendant. Quite simply, Loe want to be a flight attendant!

"I love the blue sky and I always dreamed to fly. I do something like this at the airport in order to be closer to my dream," said Luo with sobs.

Luo police later returns to his relatives. Preferably, the Luo have to learn more to be a flight attendant and several foreign languages ​​in order to master his dream come true