Shizuishan - Who says the desert in China only in the Gobi Desert . If a trip to Ningxia , China , you also find a vast expanse of desert sand strewn complete with camels . This is the Desert Shahu Scenic Spot .

detikTravel into the desert with a group of Association of the Indonesia Tours and Travel ( ASITA ) Jakarta two weeks ago . When it is , we came to the Ningxia Province in order to promote tourism in China's Muslim .

One of the destinations that are worth visiting Desert Shahu Scenic Spot . We all set off from Shahu Resort Hotel by boat . The trip to Sand Lake about 45 minutes .

Once there , we were treated to a full view of the desert. Vast desert unfold before the eyes . The men wear a turban , holding the camel too much there . At first glance the Far East seemed so obvious .

Everything was even more obvious that there are camels alongside the road . Moreover, the presence of a man wearing a turban . Really seemed in Dubai or Libya .

However wrong , this is not the Middle East . This is the Desert Shahu Scenic Spot is in Shizuishan , Ningxia Province , China .

There are several tourist attractions which can be seen on her to be there . One of them is the mask dance performances . Here , you can see there are three men danced with typical Chinese outfit complete with mask .

Interestingly, they are not just dancing . If observed , one by one, the dancers will quickly replace worn masks . Not just one , they replace up to 5 mask .

Clap ! Clap ! Applause of the entire audience was audible . Unfortunately, this show is not long , only about 15 minutes .

Completion of mask dance performances , it's time to play sand . For the traveler who has a child , can bring them to the sand dunes there. Invite them to play slide in the sand . Guaranteed fun and definitely addictive .

If you want a more exciting again , surrounded Desert Shahu Scenic Spot to ride a camel . There are many who are ready to ride camels loyal traveler. However, to be able to ride a camel , tourists have to pay 60 Yuan