Sydney - Doors open air like a nightmare for most traveler. The fear of the threat of safety become reasons . But actually , what happens if the plane door opened in flight ?

Many thought that the plane doors open very fatal . Not a few who thought that a plane crash can be started from the open door of the plane . Concerns were true .

In 2005 , sebuang Boeing 737 operated by Helios Airways crashed because of incorrect settings aircraft door . As a result of this incident , all 121 passengers and crew members were killed .

The accident occurred after a loss in cabin pressure gradually or called decompression . The aircraft is the lack of oxygen at 30,000 feet and causes the operating system crippled aircraft . Gently plane ran out of fuel , before finally plunging into the ground .

In this case , oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling plane to prevent oxygen deficiency . In the cockpit the whole crew will be wearing a rubber mask and slowly bring the plane down safely at heights .

Investigate must investigate , decompression can also be caused by the aircraft door suddenly opened . If the aircraft door is open , anyone who was near the emergency exit will be thrown out of the plane . Cabin temperature will also drop down to the lower level . The most severe can rupture plane .

Dilongok of The Sydney Morning Herald , Monday ( 09/23/2013 ) in 1988 , which also uses Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 with 90 passengers suffered cracks in the roof . When the plane is on its way to the Honolulu with a cruising altitude of 24,000 legs. This is also due to decompress .

Severe consequence . A flight attendant named Clarabelle Lansing was swept from his seat and thrown out of the plane of the hole in the roof . Fortunately , the other passengers remain safe thanks to a fixed seat belt worn . Pilots managed to land 13 minutes later .

But it turned out the passengers do not have to worry about decompression due to the open door of the plane . With a record of aircraft doors are in good condition and no damage , it will be very difficult to open the door of the plane when flying .

" Pressure is not possible to open the cabin door of the plane , " said Patrick Smith , a pilot and writer in Cockpit Confidential , a book about the flight .

While parachuting athletes or other military personnel can jump from the open door as the aircraft when it is not pressurized .