Kandangan - Rafting ride a rubber boat, that's normal. Why do not you try bamboo rafting across the river rapids ride, in the middle of the jungles of Borneo? Come to Loksado, South Kalimantan, and feel themselves thrill!

There is a difference of rafting in Loksado, South Kalimantan. Instead of using a rubber boat, rafting on the traveler who wants Loksado will use bamboo as a raft. Bamboo rafting is done on the River Amandit.

Loksado located in the district of Upper South River, the closest town that is Kandangan. Travelers can fly to Banjarmasin, then traveled overland around 6 hours.

Rafting in Loksado really test adrenaline. Resting on bamboo strung together into one, a traveler will traverse the jungle of Borneo Dayak community as well. There are about 10-20 strong bamboo sticks tied to a raft. The bamboo raft can be climbed 3-4 people including guides.

There are several tour operators providing tour packages rafting in Loksado. Safari Nusantara Tour & Travel is one of them. This tour operator offers tour packages including bamboo rafting 3 days in Loksado and see the Floating Market in Banjarmasin.

"We have a 3 day package, departing from Banjarmasin then Loksado then back to Banjarmasin," said Ria, customer service Safari Nusantara Tour & Travel detikTravel when contacted on Wednesday (18/09/2013).

Still looks dangerous, Ria stressed, bamboo rafting in Loksado safe for tourists. You do need to maintain balance when standing, but not too swift river flows so it is quite safe. Latency is 2 hours long, passing through forests of Mount Kentawan. Rafting package price is still often vary depending lodging prices and other factors.